How much topsoil do you need per acre?

Answer On average, there is approximately 1 million pounds of topsoil per surface acre. Topsoil can be purchased from landscaping companies.Source:Stanford University: Topsoil

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How much topsoil do you need for .65 acres?

The amount of topsoil needed for .65 acres depends on the thickness of the topsoil. If you need the topsoil to be 1 inch thick, you will need about 87 cubic yards of topsoil. If you need 2 inches, ... Read More »

How much topsoil do you need for planting grass seed?

You need at least 4 inches of topsoil for effectively planting grass seed. Till most of the topsoil into the ground, then cover the ground with the remainder of the topsoil.Source:Cornell Universi... Read More »

How much topsoil to add?

The topsoil should be amended to the existing soil so as to level out the yard well. The soil will settle some as the wood materials left from the stump removal decay and settle over time. So leavi... Read More »

How Much Topsoil Do I Add for New Sod?

Laying sod correctly in your yard will take several days in all. You'll need to remove all old sod, vegetation and debris on the site, and ensure the area is ready to lay sod. Whether or not you ad... Read More »