How much topsoil do you need for planting grass seed?

Answer You need at least 4 inches of topsoil for effectively planting grass seed. Till most of the topsoil into the ground, then cover the ground with the remainder of the topsoil.Source:Cornell Universi... Read More »

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Do I Need to Spread Hay Over Grass Seed When Planting?

Seeding a lawn takes hours of smoothing and seeding, numerous tools, patience and gallons of water. Leaving a newly seeded lawn to the effects of wind, rain and birds risks losing all that was put... Read More »

Is planting grass seed illegal in Clark County, NV?

Planting lawn grass is not illegal in Clark County, NV.The big concern is about lawns contributing to urban runoff pollution from over-fertilization, overwatering, over-application of pesticides, &... Read More »

Do you have to dry a tomato seed before planting it or can you just put them in a pot?

you need to dry and wait till the slimy stuff comes off the seed its better to dry them on a plastic plate DONT put them in sun or they will over dryafter a day of drying you will notice the seeds ... Read More »

Mango Seed Planting?

The subtropical fruit tree mango (Mangifera indica) performs well throughout frost-free regions. Depending on the cultivar, the tree grows as tall as 65 feet high. It works well as a specimen shade... Read More »