How much toothpaste are you supposed to put on your brush?

Answer the length of the toothbrush. just like you see on tv

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Are you supposed to use toothpaste if you have an electric toothbrush?

Yes, use toothpaste. You may find you need slightly less owing to the superior cleaning action of the electric brush, and the foaming action it produces. (Incidentally, the foam bit is uneccessary,... Read More »

How to Brush Teeth Without Toothpaste?

Here is an easy way to keep your teeth clean if you ever find yourself without toothpaste. This is also great for people who have health concerns about toothpaste and it is easy to take on camping ... Read More »

Can I brush dentures with regular toothpaste?

Dentures should be brushed with soap and water, and then thoroughly rinsed with water. Denture solutions or cleaning tablets are other options. Toothpaste should be avoided when cleaning dentures b... Read More »

What's your favorite Toothpaste to brush your teeth with?

I can tell you my favorite IS NOT *Crest* lol