How much to parents spend on toys for special needs children?

Answer I got a cold shorly after the birth of my son and my doctor told me Mucinex-D was the safe product to take while nursing. I would double check with your doctor first, though, before taking anything... Read More »

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Where is the Toy Guide for special needs children produced by Toys R Us?

Parents! Why is it that no matter how many toys your children have...?

My kids love the boxes that the toys come in! They will play for hours with the boxes and the toy will sit in the corner. Maybe I should go to the moving companies and buy boxes instead!

Do you think some parents simply don't set aside enough time to spend with their children?

I think that a bigger problem is not spending the right kind of time with kids. I mean, sitting in the same room watching tv is not the same as going for a walk, playing games or even just sitting ... Read More »

What are challenges for parents with special needs children?