How much to charge to landscape?

Answer On One Hand: Keep In Mind Personal CostsAccording to, the rule of thumb for charging for landscaping for work done is $1 for every minute worked. However, keep in mind that you need to... Read More »

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Why does the iPhone 4S record HD portrait but not landscape if clip is loaded in landscape?

Yes, Siri is. Well, at least the makers have. There are some very cool YouTube videos about Siri!

How much do landscape rocks cost?

The cost of landscape rocks varies depending on type of rock and size. A 20-lb. vent pipe rock can cost about $100. A higher-priced landscape rock is a large boulder of about 80 lbs., which can cos... Read More »

How much water is needed for landscape plants?

How much water a plant needs depends on the age and size. Deep watering weekly will allow plants to grow larger root spreads making them more drought resistant. When deep watering, the soil should ... Read More »

How much schooling is required to become a landscape designer?

Landscape designers, or landscape architects, are responsible for designing college campuses, parks, playgrounds, golf courses, as well as private home gardens. These professionals must complete a ... Read More »