How much time should primary school children use a computer for?

Answer On One Hand: Many Educational UsesMost grade school children now use a computer for many of their classes and assignments. Thousands of educational software programs and websites are available for ... Read More »

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Should primary school children work for money?

It is mainly their decision, but the work will be good for them. They can get extra pocket money, and they will understand the importance of money, and save up for rainy days. Their bond with their... Read More »

Do you agree that homework should be banned for primary school children?

i actually agree with you. the amount of homework my youngest son of 9 gets is ridiculous. I sometimes wonder whether the teachers live in the real world. I would say that 3/4 days a week my son go... Read More »

How much time should you have off school after surgery?

Good question for your orthopedic surgeon.

Assembly Ideas for Primary School Children?

The best assembly ideas for primary school children are demonstrations that both teach and entertain. An assembly consisting of only a long speech will bore the audience to tears, especially an aud... Read More »