How much time should pass after eating before blood pressure is checked?

Answer Wait half an hour or more after eating before you check your blood pressure after eating. Also wait at least that long after exercising, consuming caffeine or smoking. In addition, be sure to relax... Read More »

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Do parents with high blood pressure pass it to their children?

On One Hand: High Blood Pressure is HereditaryStudies conducted at Johns Hopkins University revealed that high blood pressure can be passed down to children, especially males. Even if only one pare... Read More »

Can eating a lot of salt during the day raise your blood pressure significantly?

On One Hand: Salt Increases Blood PressureSalt increases blood pressure, according to the National Institutes of Health. The more salt you eat, the higher your blood pressure can go.On the Other: O... Read More »

Instead of exercising and eating healthy, could I just stab myself to decrease my blood pressure?

Yes.Up until modern medicine, people would decrease blood pressure by blood-letting (where a small surgical cut was made to bleed the arteries of blood and humours) and leeching (which was leeches ... Read More »

Should blood pressure medicine be taken at a certain time of the day?

Blood pressure, or BP, medication is usually taken once a day, every day. When deciding the best time to take medications, one must take many factors into account, including: normal daily blood pre... Read More »