How much time of video could you put on a sd memory card?

Answer depends on what size the memory card is and the type of camcorder

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How much video time do you get on a 512 sd memory card?

Depends on your video quality. HD is about 35m minutes for a 4 GB card or 9 mininutes for a 1 GB card.SD 640x400 at 30 FPS is about two or three times that rate. About 17 minutes to 23 minutes on... Read More »

How much memory is on a video card?

Modern video cards have anywhere from 256 megabytes to 2 gigabytes of memory . A computer with more video card memory can accomplish more graphic-intensive tasks. A personal computer being used to ... Read More »

How much 14.1MP video can a 4GB memory card hold?

How much video can a 16 gb memory card hold?

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