How much time it will take to cure ringworm completely?

Answer When treating ringworm (Tinea Corporis) with an over-the-counter anti-fungal medication, it takes at least two weeks of twice daily applications to clear up. If no improvement has been made within ... Read More »

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How will i completely cure snoring?

How long will it take to completely heal?

Generally they give a fracture 8 weeks to heal. If your doctor is allowing you physical therapy after 2 weeks, he must expect it to be healed sooner. My daughter had a buckle fracture of the forea... Read More »

I sent my pen-pal a letter and I'd like to know around how much time it will take to arrive?

I'd say around a week. I also understand why you don't use email there is something far more satisfying and thoughtful about a real letter through the post.

If a train is traveling 200mph at a distance of 24 miles how much time will it take for it to get there?

it will be there in 432 secondsor 7.2 minutesor 0.12 hours