How much time is 8 GB used for on a digital video camcorder?

Answer Digital video camcorder capacity depends on recording speed and format. For example, a Sony 8 GB DCR-SX41 camcorder records up to 120 minutes of video at high quality, 170 minutes at standard play ... Read More »

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If I have a digital camcorder, can I transfer the video to my...?

How do I get video from my digital camcorder to my computer using an usb cord?

If you contact the Manufacturers Teqnical helpline, they should be able to assit you, also if you go to the website then usually the drivers are available for download.Keep in mind that there are ... Read More »

Can a sony digital 8mm camcorder play video 8mm tapes?

Though the Video8, Hi8 and digital8 all have the same cassette, but they differ in recording techniques. The video8 is the oldest format while the digital8 is the latest one. The video8 is an analo... Read More »

Compare the video quality of a digital camera to a camcorder?

First off, true camcorder-quality video is either 24 or 30 fps. So, at 15 fps, the video you take with your digital camera will look choppy and glitchy. Second, you mentioned your camera is 6.1 m... Read More »