How much time does it take for importing 30 min mini dv rec?

Answer S-Video is normally for analog video (doesn't include audio), while miniDV is digital.a miniDV vcam must be DV~Firewire400**-connected to pc to upload video thru video capture or video editing* app... Read More »

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How to Set the Time on a Mini DV Spy Cam?

If you leave your child with a nanny or you are concerned about the safety of valuable items in your home or at work, a spy cam is perfect for you. These discreet tiny but powerful cameras can be p... Read More »

What is the cooking time for a mini Bundt pan?

Cakes baked in a mini Bundt pan normally take about 25 minutes.Times may vary depending on the oven and recipe, so it is best to insert a toothpick into the cake center to check for doneness. If th... Read More »

What is the cook time for brownies in a mini muffin pan?

Since a mini muffin pan is smaller than a normal pan in which brownies are cooked, modify the recipe's cooking time. If the cooking time is twenty minutes, deduct ten minutes (so in this case, bake... Read More »

How to Convert the Baking Time From an 8" x 8" Pan Size to Mini Muffins?

Whether you adjust recipes out of creative expression or necessity, there are times when you must substitute either ingredients or baking pans. Because baking times vary greatly between different o... Read More »