How much time do we spend blinking?

Answer The amount of time spent blinking varies slightly from person to person. On average, the eye blinks every 5 seconds. This equals 17,000 blinks a day or 6.25 million times a year. Blinking helps cle... Read More »

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How much time do children spend in the classroom versus time spent with parents?

How much time do you spend on the computer / do u think its to much?

about 2-3 hours. yea its too much and im addicted to myspace but i spend an hour at school and i dont watch tv

How much time do you spend on the computer a day?

8 hours at work 6 hours at school and then another 4 hours at home. Hey I have to sleep sometime. I run a home based Computer business and then I work at a network Professional as well Then there i... Read More »

How much time do you spend on line?

I'd say I spend 3-6 hours a day online, on average...but you have to understand, I watch ZERO television as of late, and hardly have anything going on currently in the way of a real-life social lif... Read More »