How much time after a foreclosure do you have to wait to purchase another home?

Answer Buying a new home after suffering through the trouble of a foreclosure is not uncommon. In fact, the practice takes place often enough to warrant specific guidelines, especially ones on the amount ... Read More »

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How long do you have to wait after a short sale before you can get another loan?

According to HUD's Mortgagee Letter 09-52, if you were not current on your home mortgage at the time of the pre-foreclosure sale, you are not eligible for a new FHA-insured mortgage for three years... Read More »

How much time you wait with trying to get pregnant after stopping depakote?

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How long do i have to move after my home is sold at a foreclosure auction?

When a home is sold at auction, the former homeowner is no longer the owner of the property. At that point in time, the occupant would be considered trespassing and could be forcibly removed by law... Read More »

When can I buy a new home, 2 years after bankruptcy or after the foreclosure?

On One Hand: Credit RepercussionsBoth foreclosures and bankruptcy generally stay on a credit report for at least seven years. In the case of bankruptcy, a credit score can be adversely affected for... Read More »