How much tax should I withhold as an employee?

Answer As an employee you are required to pay applicable withholding taxes to the government. Your employer is responsible for withholding these taxes from your paycheck and for paying them timely to the ... Read More »

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How much does an employee have to make before you have to withhold federal&state taxes?

Each employee that you pay wages (there is no minimum amount) to is subject to Social Security tax (6.2%) and Medicare tax (1.45%). Federal taxes are determined by using the W-4 form information th... Read More »

How Much Federal Tax Should You Withhold From Wages?

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How to Withhold Employee Wages?

Employers can withhold employee wages when federal, state or local law requires it do so. Federal law requires employers to withhold employee wages to satisfy payroll tax requirements, including fe... Read More »

How much tax should you withhold from self-employment earnings?

Social security, Medicare and state and federal income taxes are withheld by employers on each paycheck. Self-employed people, unlike employees, instead make quarterly estimated tax payment estimat... Read More »