How much tax credit is allowed per child?

Answer Each child can decrease your federal income tax by up to $1,000. Children must be 16 years old or younger, be claimed as your dependent and have lived with you for more than half of the previous ye... Read More »

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Is it wrong that whoever gave birth to an adopted child isn't allowed to know what happened to that child?

Let me be very very clear when I type this.RECORDS WERE NOT SEALED TO KEEP THE MOTHERS AND CHILDREN FROM KNOWING EACHOTHER. There is no reason for privacy and secrecy. Mothers were NEVER promised i... Read More »

Does adding your child to a credit card help his credit score?

The idea of adding your child to your current credit card is commonly referred to as "piggybacking." While this used to help build credit for your child, it no longer does. You can, however, open a... Read More »

Differences Between the Child Tax Credit & Earned Income Credit?

The federal government offers child tax and earned income credits (EIC) as an anti-poverty measure for working families earning low or moderate yearly incomes. Both credits work to relieve the tax ... Read More »

What is the highest credit card percentage rate allowed in the USA?

During the 1978 Marquette vs. First Omaha Service Corporation case, the Supreme Court decided that states can decide on maximum credit card annual percentage rates. Some states, such as Delaware an... Read More »