How much sunlight does a ficus tree need?

Answer The ficus tree does well when placed in areas that are exposed to moderate sunlight. However, it tends to do even better when exposed to higher levels of light. For best results, ficus trees should... Read More »

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Do monkey tree plants need much sunlight?

Monkey tree plants (Araucaria araucana) are native to South America but can be grown as houseplants in colder climates. The plant can take full sunlight, though it does best in filtered sunlight.So... Read More »

How much light does a ficus plant need?

Ficus plants originated in tropical and subtropical climates and are accustomed to heat and sunlight. They grow best in a room with a southern exposure but also do well in bright, filtered light.Re... Read More »

How much sunlight does a bean plant need?

Bean plants need at least six hours of direct sunlight a day--"full sun," in gardening terms. If you plant more than one row of pole beans (tall, vining beans that climb a trellis), plant the rows ... Read More »

How much sunlight does a tiger lily need?