How much sunlight does a bean plant need?

Answer Bean plants need at least six hours of direct sunlight a day--"full sun," in gardening terms. If you plant more than one row of pole beans (tall, vining beans that climb a trellis), plant the rows ... Read More »

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How much sunlight does a mint plant need in order to grow?

Mint plants grow in full sun or in partial shading. Six or more hours of full sun exposure is best.

How much water does a bean plant need to grow?

According to the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, bean plants require a fair amount of water. They need about 1 inch of water a week, or their pods will be misshapen and pods and bl... Read More »

Does a plant need sunlight to grow?

Plants are autotrophs, meaning they make their own food. Specifically, plants manufacture food through photosynthesis, which uses water, carbon dioxide and light to synthesize sugar. Artificial lig... Read More »

Does a cucumber plant need a lot of sunlight or shade?