How much sun does Neptune get?

Answer Owing to its location at the farthest end of our solar system (the closest point of Neptune is 4.46 billion kilometers from the sun), Neptune receives approximately 1,000th of the amount of sunligh... Read More »

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How much sunlight does neptune receive?

At over 2.8 billion miles from the Sun, Neptune isn't what you'd call a tropical clime. The planet only gets about 1/900th of the sunlight Earth gets, and temperatures average less than -300 Fahre... Read More »

How much surface gravity does Neptune have?

Neptune has a surface gravity of 11.15 meters per second squared. This is 1.14 times the gravity of Earth. Neptune is the eighth planet out from the sun and is 17 times the weight of Earth.Source:N... Read More »

How much bigger is Neptune than Earth?

By volume, Neptune is more than 57 times bigger than the Earth. However, this outermost planet of the solar system (now that Pluto has been demoted to a "dwarf planet") is only 17 times larger than... Read More »

Does Neptune have tectonics?

Neptune does not experience plate tectonics because it does not have a solid surface. Tectonics can only happen on a planet if there are solid surface plates floating on a liquid, or semi-liquid ma... Read More »