How much sun does Neptune get?

Answer Owing to its location at the farthest end of our solar system (the closest point of Neptune is 4.46 billion kilometers from the sun), Neptune receives approximately 1,000th of the amount of sunligh... Read More »

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Why is Neptune called Neptune?

The planet Neptune was named after the Roman god of the sea. This is in accordance with the rest of the planets that bear a name referencing a figure from Greek or Roman mythology.References:Space.... Read More »

What is neptune?

Neptune is the fourth largest of all our sun's planets, and the first planet to be discovered not by observation through a telescope, but by mathematics. Eighth in the order of the planets, Neptune... Read More »

Is Neptune ice?

The planet Neptune, also known as the blue planet, is the eighth planet from the sun (4,500 million kilometers away). Despite that distance, it is not made of ice. The atmosphere of Neptune is 25 ... Read More »

Where can you see Neptune?

Neptune is impossible to see from Earth with the naked eye and because of this, its existence was only confirmed in1846. However, you can see Neptune from Earth with an amateur telescope (these ar... Read More »