How much suger will make a little kid go crazy?

Answer No. Quite the contrary. Many students who are in the Special Education program are quite intelligent in one or several areas. That they are on a SE load means only that they need extra help or modi... Read More »

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Apple juce, yest, suger. to make wine pls help?

If the room temperature is high enough (70'sF) it will work off in a couple of weeks but it takes time to clear, as well. You are looking at a minimum of a month; longer is better. If you want a st... Read More »

Can very high suger level kill you?

If you have a high suger intake are you likely yo get diabetes?

Studies have shown that high sugar intake does not increase the likelihood of getting diabetes, but I don't believe it. Eating tons of sugar is bad for the body, and "they" say it causes all kind ... Read More »

What do I do if my wife passes out due to low blood suger?

If you don't have a glucagon pen. If she becomes unconscious you won't be able to get her to drink fluid. Get something like glucose gel or honey or syrup and rub it on the inside of her mouth. Gl... Read More »