How much suger will make a little kid go crazy?

Answer No. Quite the contrary. Many students who are in the Special Education program are quite intelligent in one or several areas. That they are on a SE load means only that they need extra help or modi... Read More »

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How do you control your crazy little brothers?

straight jackets and red kooladeHere's a suggestion, Give them some celery with peanut butter. Or take the easy way out and plop 'em down in front of the old' TV set. or bribe them. There are many ... Read More »

Apple juce, yest, suger. to make wine pls help?

If the room temperature is high enough (70'sF) it will work off in a couple of weeks but it takes time to clear, as well. You are looking at a minimum of a month; longer is better. If you want a st... Read More »

I want to go back to school... going a little crazy now...?

Everyone qualifies for financial aid if you don't already have outstanding (unpaid) student loan debt. Apply and it will be "granted" - but be careful as you will have to pay the loan back after yo... Read More »

Who originally sang"Crazy Little Thing Called Love"?

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is a song originally performed by the British rock band Queen and appeared on their 1980 album titled "The Game." Musicians as diverse as country star Dwight Yoakam... Read More »