How much sugar should one have in a diet?

Answer You should add sugar to a diet sparingly. Although values vary based upon age, gender, and daily caloric intake, the USDA recommends a daily intake for a 2,000-calorie diet of about 8 teaspoons.Qua... Read More »

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How much sugar is in diet mt dew?

There should not be any sugar in it as it is a diet soda meaning no sugar. But, there is some type of sweetener like maybe aspartame.

What does the American Heart Association say as to how much fat women should have in their diet?

The American Heart Association advocates a heart-healthy diet including between 25- and 35-percent fat. Saturated fats, found in oils, should make up no more than seven percent of dietary calories.... Read More »

How much weight do you lose on the Sugar Busters diet?

On One Hand: As Much as 100 Lbs.It is possible to lose 100 pounds on the Sugar Busters diet, according to Wade Wingler of Sugar Busters works by limiting refined sugar, high-sugar frui... Read More »

Does diet pop have sugar?

Diet soft drinks (diet pop, diet soda, etc.) contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Popular soft drinks, such as Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr Pepper, contain no sugar.Source:Energy Fi... Read More »