How much sugar is in diet mt dew?

Answer There should not be any sugar in it as it is a diet soda meaning no sugar. But, there is some type of sweetener like maybe aspartame.

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How much sugar should one have in a diet?

You should add sugar to a diet sparingly. Although values vary based upon age, gender, and daily caloric intake, the USDA recommends a daily intake for a 2,000-calorie diet of about 8 teaspoons.Qua... Read More »

How much weight do you lose on the Sugar Busters diet?

On One Hand: As Much as 100 Lbs.It is possible to lose 100 pounds on the Sugar Busters diet, according to Wade Wingler of Sugar Busters works by limiting refined sugar, high-sugar frui... Read More »

How much weigh can I expect to lose on the ABC diet (ana boot camp diet)?

What exactly is the ana boot camp diet? And of youd like i woul deff like to be an accountability partner. I was under good control earlier this year weighing 95lbs and i am 5'8 but i went through ... Read More »

How much does 5 cups of powdered sugar equal in granulated sugar?

According to Epicurious, one and three-quarters cups of packed powdered sugar (also called confectioners' sugar) equals one cup of granulated sugar. Five cups of powdered sugar is about equal to 2.... Read More »