How much sugar does Crystal Light have in it?

Answer It says 0 grams of it has 0 grams of sugar. Not rocket science here.

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How to Make a Sugar Crystal Experiment?

Making sugar crystals at home is an effective way of getting your preschool child interested in science and basic experiments. Because this experiment includes boiling water, it is important to do ... Read More »

Which crystal grows larger: salt or sugar?

Sugar crystals most usually grow larger than salt crystals.. As a rule, the slower a crystal forms, the larger the crystal and more perfect it will be. Sugar crystals grow slower than salt crystals... Read More »

What will make the bigger crystal, salt or sugar?

When growing crystals, the only real limit to size is the container used. However, the size of a sugar crystal is larger than the size of a salt crystal. Sugar is harder to grow, and it has a more ... Read More »

Does Crystal Light have caffeine?

Crystal Light does not contain caffeine. It is a healthy beverage that also does not contain calories or sugar. It does, however, contain artificial sweetener or aspartame. There are many varieties... Read More »