How much sugar does Crystal Light have in it?

Answer It says 0 grams of it has 0 grams of sugar. Not rocket science here.

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Does Crystal Light have carbs?

Many Crystal Light products have no carbohydrates such as Crystal Light On The Go packets. The ones that do contain carbs have only a small amount. For example, the Crystal Light Pure Fitness packe... Read More »

Does Crystal Light have caffeine?

Crystal Light does not contain caffeine. It is a healthy beverage that also does not contain calories or sugar. It does, however, contain artificial sweetener or aspartame. There are many varieties... Read More »

I have flour, butter, eggs, light brown sugar, blueberries and not much else. Can I?

i got something you can put in your mouth to pacify you!i really shouldn't answer when i'm drunk.

Does Crystal Light work to lose weight?

On One Hand: Water Promotes Weight LossCrystal Light is a sugar-free powder that adds flavor and color to water. It is low in calories (five calories per eight ounce serving) as it uses an artifici... Read More »