How much sugar do you add per cup of tea or coffee?

Answer None - I am sweet enough :)

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Can powdered sugar be used as sweetner/sugar in coffee?

Powdered sugar is actually a 50/50 mixture of powdered (finely ground) sugar and cornstarch. While you could use it for a sweetener in coffee it might also change the texture and if you use enough ... Read More »

Is the coffee mate for coffee better than sugar?

coffee mate is used to replace milk not sugar, sweetener is good as a replacement for sugar but I would recommend the stellar leaf sugar because of its sweetness you only need half as much as norma... Read More »

Can one cut out sugar from tea and coffee entirely?

Well, I used to drink them with sugar until I decided at around the age of 14 to taste coffee without sugar. My initial decision was to use the absolutely perfect amount of sugar by gradually addin... Read More »

Do you take sugar in your coffee?