How much stress can a nalgene bottle take?

Answer A average 20-ounce Nalgene bottle, constructed from Lexan (a polycarbonate material) can survive freezing temperatures as low as -12 degrees F and a two-story drop without cracking the bottle's ext... Read More »

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Can you use vinegar to clean a nalgene bottle?

The NALGENE® company does not recommend cleaning their bottles and other containers with vinegar. Instead, NALGENE® users should soak their dirtied products in warm water with one of three elemen... Read More »

Can you freeze a Nalgene water bottle?

Nalgene designed its water bottles and canteens so that they can go in the freezer. If you put one in the freezer, make sure to leave room for the water to expand when it turns into ice. There are... Read More »

Why does it cost so much money to take a stress test?

Depending on your age and family history, a stress test may not be the most appropriate test, especially first test, for you. Talk to your doctor to see what other options you have. To determine ... Read More »

How much oil does it take to make a plastic bottle?

Fossil fuels and energy are required to manufacture and transport plastic bottles to their destination. Taking both of these factors into account, the Pacific Institute in 2006 estimated that the a... Read More »