How much storage did the first ever iPod offer?

Answer The original iPod, the iPod scroll wheel could hold up to 5 GB of music. It was released in 2001. As iPod technology advanced, so did the amount of music that could be stored within the device.Sour... Read More »

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How much video storage is on a 30GB iPod?

The 32GB iPod Touch can hold approximately 38 hours of video. The hours of video can vary depending on the quality of the video. For maximum space, make sure the videos are in iPod format.Source:Ap... Read More »

For an iPod: Does a silicone cover offer as much protection as a hard plastic case ?

well, sure they do. I personally like silicone better actually. But yeah, it will offer more protection actually, because it kinda obsorbs impacts a little. I don't know about dust and the screen, ... Read More »

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How much memory did the first iPod have?