How much sperm count must their be in order for pregnancy?

Answer 1 sperm cell It usually takes alot since most dies in the vaginal fluids and walls, but all it takes is 1 sperm cell, which though highly unlikely is still possible

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Do young male teens have a high or low sperm count in their pre-ejaculate fluid?

It doesnt really matter i believe that boys all have the same sperm count sweety if your in school talk to your health teacher, or call a doctor for information and ask her but DONT google it becau... Read More »

How much debt must you owe in order to file for bankruptcy?

You do not need any minimum amount of debt before filing for bankruptcy, according to the United States Air Force Academy. However, you generally should not file unless you are at least $15,000 to ... Read More »

Is their any internal connection between belly button and cervix of a woman so that if sperm is ejaculated inside navel lead to pregnancy?

Episode 15 Run How much money does Nathan give Meredith in order to keep her quiet about their daughter in order to protect his image just weeks before the election?