How much space is on a blank DVD?

Answer There is 4.7 GB of space on a blank DVD. Blank DVDs, also known as DVD-R, can hold any type of multimedia files, including pictures, videos, data and music files.Source:DVD-R: Write-Once Recordable... Read More »

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How do you create blank space in HTML?

You can either use just a space, or if you need to force a space, use the ampersand nbsp semicolon (let's see if it works:  ) That's a "non breakable space" and doesn't get compressed.

How can you tell how much space is being used up by your iTunes...I am trying to figure out how much space I will need to transfer my iTunes library to an iPod and which iPod to select?

Answer down the bottom of the i-tunes home page, there shold be a bar with blue, orange and white smaller bars inside it, that will tell you who much space there is left.

How much time is on a blank dvd?

The amount of hours of video you can store on a DVD depends on the type of DVD recordable media and the quality you use, according to Video Help. However, a typical one-sided DVD can store two hour... Read More »

How much can a blank DVD hold?

CDs today hold up to 700 MBs of information. In comparison, a blank DVD can hold up to 4.7 GBs of information. The first blank DVDs had a capacity of 3.95 GBs.References:DVD Demystified: DVD FAQ