How much space is needed to play ping pong?

Answer The USA Table Tennis Association recommends that ping pong players have a playing area that is 15 feet wide and 29 feet long for normal play. Championship table tennis matches use a space that is 2... Read More »

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How much space do you need for a ping pong table?

A standard ping pong table is 9 feet by 5 feet. For singles play, an additional 6 feet should be added to each end and 3 feet to each side: a total of 21 feet by 11 feet. For doubles play, a space ... Read More »

How to Play Ping Pong Races?

This isn't the game of ping pong; rather, this is a game that uses a ping pong ball. It's a great game for kids stuck indoors and feeling restless. It is suitable for one child, two children or pai... Read More »

How to Play Competitive Ping Pong?

Most people think that Forest Gump is the ultimate ping pong master. But the truth is that playing competitive ping pong requires more than just hitting the ball back. This article will help you ma... Read More »

How to Play Paint Ping Pong?

Wait, what? That's BACKWARDS!Paint Ping-Pong is a great way to pass the time at your soul-sucking cubicle job. All you need to play is Microsoft Paint, email, and a partner who wants to play with y... Read More »