How much space is 2 GB in a camera?

Answer 8Gs is 4 times more space.The recording time depends greatly on cameratype, pixel qquantity, frames per second etc,Some say 1Gb /hour is acceptable for simple home video.When recording to memory t... Read More »

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How can you tell how much space is being used up by your iTunes...I am trying to figure out how much space I will need to transfer my iTunes library to an iPod and which iPod to select?

Answer down the bottom of the i-tunes home page, there shold be a bar with blue, orange and white smaller bars inside it, that will tell you who much space there is left.

What is the space camera effect app called?

They have an app for that? WowMost people download images from NASA and then superimpose the stars on their existing photos using a photo program

Which one has more space for a digital camera 512GB or 512MB?

If I rember right it takes 2 512 MB to equal one Gig so 512 Giga bytes(GB) is a Lot biger.

Is there a camera app that takes pictures even if you have no space?

You're overlooking the obvious.Choice #1: Download your existing photos into your computer, then format your memory card in your camera.Choice #2: Buy another memory card - they're relatively cheap... Read More »