How much space is 2 GB in a camera?

Answer 8Gs is 4 times more space.The recording time depends greatly on cameratype, pixel qquantity, frames per second etc,Some say 1Gb /hour is acceptable for simple home video.When recording to memory t... Read More »

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Is there a camera app that takes pictures even if you have no space?

You're overlooking the obvious.Choice #1: Download your existing photos into your computer, then format your memory card in your camera.Choice #2: Buy another memory card - they're relatively cheap... Read More »

What is the space camera effect app called?

They have an app for that? WowMost people download images from NASA and then superimpose the stars on their existing photos using a photo program

Which one has more space for a digital camera 512GB or 512MB?

If I rember right it takes 2 512 MB to equal one Gig so 512 Giga bytes(GB) is a Lot biger.

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