How much space does the iPhone 4 have?

Answer From my experience with my iPhone 4, it is in my email box and in trash and in archive.

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Was iPhone 4 designed to invoke 2001 Space Space Odyssey monolith but with different dimensions?

Apple did not manufacture the iPhone 4, it is a gift from Europa. Use them together use them in peace.

Is the 16GB enough space for the iPhone?

yes 16GB is plenty of memory space for games music etc.

How much storage space does an 8gb iphone 4 have?

How much storage space is on the iPhone?

It depends which model you get. It can range from 4GB to 32GB heres a lis tof all models available from the Apple store online. iPhone 3G Black/8GB from £349*iPhone 3GS Black/16GB from £449*iPhon... Read More »