How much space does a sugar glider need?

Answer A sugar glider is a small marsupial. The minimum height for a cage should be 36 inches, with a width of 30 inches and depth of 18 inches. No more than three sugar gliders should be kept in a cage t... Read More »

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Why does a sugar glider bark?

Sugar gliders are small, exotic pets that are very vocal. One of the most common vocalizations that these marsupials make--and make often--is called "barking."What the Bark Sounds LikeThe most comm... Read More »

How much sugar does a diabetic need?

On One Hand: Simple Sugars Supply the Body with GlucoseEvery body needs sugar in the form of glucose to fuel cells, tissues and organs. Glucose is manufactured by the liver from carbohydrates that ... Read More »

How much free space does MS defrag need?

You should have 15 percent free space on your hard drive in order to defrag the disk. You can run MS Defrag with less than 15 percent free space, but the resulting defrag will not be complete.Refer... Read More »

How much power does a space heater need?

A space heater consumes about 31 percent of total power consumed in the average U.S. household. When set on high, a space heater may use up to 1440 watts of electricity. When set to low or medium, ... Read More »