How much space does a movie take up on an iPod?

Answer A movie from the iTunes store will usually take up around 1 to 2 gigabytes of space. If you use a video converter or compression software, the size can be reduced to between 350 to 500 megabytes.So... Read More »

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How much space does a movie take up on an ipod touch?

Apple uses a high-compression format called MP4 for the movies it sells on iTunes. If you download a movie from the iTunes store for use on the iPod Touch, it will only take up between 750MB and 1.... Read More »

How can you tell how much space is being used up by your iTunes...I am trying to figure out how much space I will need to transfer my iTunes library to an iPod and which iPod to select?

Answer down the bottom of the i-tunes home page, there shold be a bar with blue, orange and white smaller bars inside it, that will tell you who much space there is left.

How do I convert an Apple TV movie to an iPod movie?

IntroductionVideo-capable iPods and the Apple TV, as well as the iPhone and iPad, play back videos encoded with the MPEG-4 and H.264 codecs, but there are other factors to take into account: the Ap... Read More »

Why Does My Ipod Not Have Enough Space?

Probably because the 1000 songs thing is an estimate because not every song is the same lenght either delete the songs that you dont listen to ever or get a new ipod with more space.. Good lUck