How much solar water storage do you need to heat a 1299 sq. ft. house?

Answer The size of the solar water storage tank for a home heating system depends more on the number of people in the household than the size of the house. A 50-to-60 gallon tank is typically good for one... Read More »

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How to Heat Water Using Solar Energy?

Solar energy is energy given off in the form of light and heat. There are many ways to turn this energy into energy we can use, from the high- to low-tech. This is a very low-tech and cheap method ... Read More »

Why should people use solar panels to heat water?

A solar water heater can be a good investment for generating hot water for the home. This environmentally friendly process provides heat for household water, space heating and swimming pools by usi... Read More »

The Heat Storage Capacity of Sand?

Sand is a mixture of fine grains of a mineral called quartz or silica that has the molecular formula SiO2. Sand is one of a variety of materials sometimes used to store heat in thermal solar system... Read More »

Should you give water to a heat exhaustion or heat stroke?

The USAFA Cadet Honor Guard adheres strictly to 36-2203. Color Guard procedures for Academy parades are traditional, but differ only slightly from the standard Air Force Drill and Ceremonies manual... Read More »