How much soda do you drink in a day?

Answer a two litter a day keeps the doctor some where

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How much soda is it ok to drink for a week?

1-3 isn't too bad, but maybe try to cut it down to 1-2. Try drinking a glass of water when you want soda. Usually, you will realize you didn't really want the soda after finishing the water. As you... Read More »

If I don't drink soda for a couple weeks, how much weight will I lose?

Not much for just a couple of weeks, maybe a couple months you will see a difference. It also depends on how much you drink now. But you can lose more weight if you are watching what you eat. If yo... Read More »

Which is better to drink, clear soda or dark soda?

By general rule the more clarity of the drink, the easier it is for your kidneys and liver to process it...Water is good obviously, sprite, 7 up, even lighter sodas such as mountain dew and sierra ... Read More »

Why is diet soda worse to drink than regular soda?

Aspartame (sweeteners) are really bad for your health