Does the Lauren kate fallen book have any relation to the fallen series on abc family?

Answer for bright house its channel 52

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Have y'all ever fallen asleep or almost fallen asleep while watching your young children?

Wow, quite frequently! I feel so horrible when I do it. It's just complete and utter exhaustion!

Would heating roads with snow on them save money on gas for the snow plows?

It would work best in a city that heats skyscrapers using steam produced from a near by power facility. Putting those pipes closer to the surface to heats the roads is a great idea. However, to ... Read More »

Any opinions on charities in Mansfield, OH?

Charities might not help? Check with Churchs, Division of family services. This may need to be a giftless Christmas if he intends to keep up w/rent...The More Churches he calls the better the odds ... Read More »

Things to Do in Mansfield, Ohio?

Mansfield, Ohio, offers a number of interesting events and activities. You can celebrate the life of Johnny Appleseed, tour Hollywood-style movie sets, visit a haunted mansion and watch race cars z... Read More »