How much snake oil do I need to cure a broken thumb?

Answer are you harvesting the oil yourself? it got its disfavorable reputation from greedy salesmen putting it in bottles, where it loses efficacy. i hope it's not your dominant thumb, tho. it's nearly... Read More »

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Is my thumb broken?

broken fingers and thumbs are tricky as they share symptoms with a bad sprain. It sounds like you should definitely go to a doctor who may prescribe an xray. Never ignore a possible break because i... Read More »

My thumb is broken. What should I do?

Have I broken my thumb?

Could be a dislocation. I have sprained my ankle several times & even fractured it once but I never had a thumb injury. So, I wouldnt know much.

What do you put on a broken thumb?

You would want to make a splint to keep the finger from moving and then ice it. Popsickle sticks taped to the finger work as great splints.