How much sleep should teenagers have daily?

Answer 8 is a good number but more is better with all those hormones and stresses and parents ruining their!

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Do teenagers do better in school with more sleep?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, not only do teenagers perform better in school with extra sleep, but they also tend to have higher concentration skills and a lower incidence of depressi... Read More »

How many hours of sleep should teenagers receive?

Teenagers need eight to nine-and-a-half hours of sleep per night, and even more as they go through puberty, though usually they do not get the amount of sleep they need. Many teens are sleep-depriv... Read More »

Is going to sleep daily at 12 good?

You need good rest. 7-8hrs is ideal. Try sleeping earlier.

Can excessive use of benadryl to make an 8 month old baby sleep on a daily basis be harmful or even deadly?

It is certainly not advisable to give benadryl daily to make a child sleep.