How much sleep should a five year old get?

Answer Preferably eight to ten hours...lack of sleep will effect the child in a huge way, so avoiding this is necessary.

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How much should a five foot five inch female weight?

The healthy weight of a 5'5 woman is approximately 134 lbs. Doctors consider a healthy weight range for a 5'5 woman between 114 and 150 lbs. This estimate is based on a woman's weight calculated ... Read More »

How many hours of sleep should a 12-year-old sleep?

Kids need more sleep, especially when they start maturing. I would 9 hours is good. Don't let them sleep too long, its also unhealthy.

What's the best night cap to send my kids off to sleep My five-year old won't stop running in front of the tv?

hot milk, turn the TV off and read a story.Jesus! parenting remedial classes for you!

When should you take your five year old to the emergency with a fever?

I would say if there is a strange rash along with it or something. OR if the fever is over 103