How much sleep does a 21 year old woman need?

Answer 6-8 hours per night.

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Can a 46 year old woman adopt a 19 year old as her legal son if the boy wants the woman as a mother?

Breedz should be downloaded in a zipped (compressed) folder format. That's how all mine were. You can save this file anywhere you choose, as long as you know where it is and it isn't interfering wi... Read More »

Is vodka was a woman, would you sleep with her?

What is a good way for a pregnant woman to sleep?

Answer It's a noted fact that pregnant women can sometimes have difficulties sleeping because of their swollen tummies. What ever way she feels is most comfortable is the best. Pillows are a God... Read More »

Who would I contact about adopting a strong 25 year old male or a 40 year old Russian woman to do yard work?

You look for woman strong like bear, yes? I send my babushka to making heavy lifting ok. Price is two fish, sack of potato, a used hamster and she yours for keeping.