How much skin will the average person have shed by the age of 70?

Answer According to, humans will lose and regrow their outer layer of skin roughly every 27 days. This is the estimated equivalent to 1,000 new layers of skin in the average lifetime. Humans... Read More »

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How many pounds of skin does a person shed in a lifetime?

The entire outer layer of the skin is shed and replaced every 27 days, which equals about 1.5 pounds of skin cells per year, according to The average life expectancy of people in... Read More »

Why does a rattle snake shed its skin?

A snake sheds its skin for the simple reason that the snake gets too big for his skin. This is true of all snakes, but when the rattlesnake sheds he gets an extra reward, a new rattle for his tail.... Read More »

How much skin does a human shed in a lifetime?

Due to the body's process of replacing older skin cells with new, the older skin cells slough off over a period of time. Because of this, a human sheds approximately 40 pounds of skin throughout he... Read More »

Is there any skin care product that lighten black person's skin?

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