How much silver bullion does the SLV hold?

Answer The iShares Silver Trust shares represent holdings in silver bullion, and as of November 19, 2009 iShares Silver Trust has 287,880,359.000 ounces of silver underlying 292,950,000 shares. SLV shares... Read More »

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How to Buy Gold & Silver Bullion?

Gold and silver bullion can be bought in the form of coins and bars. Gold and silver bullion coins are valued according to the weight of precious metal in them. This distinguishes them from rare co... Read More »

How much silver is in bullion coins?

United States American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins are comprised of 99.9 percent silver. Each silver bullion coin contains no less than one troy ounce of pure silver. The United States has been mint... Read More »

Who makes silver bullion?

Several companies or governments make silver bullion. "American Eagle" silver bullion coins, made since 1986 by the United States government, can even be included in an IRA. Silver bullion is also ... Read More »

Where can I sell silver bullion?

Silver prices peaked in the early '80s at over $40 an ounce and then retreated to mostly under $5 an ounce until 2003. In 2008, silver reached highs around $20 an ounce, prompting investors who wer... Read More »