How much sight do dogs with cataracts have?

Answer Age, trauma or heredity cause an increase in water and insoluble proteins build in the lens of the eye, leading to cataracts and vision loss that may occur overnight or within years.SensesVision of... Read More »

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Can cataracts in dogs go away?

On One Hand: Progressive DegenerationMany dogs develop cataracts later in life. Diabetes, trauma and the natural aging process all play a role in the develop of cataracts. Cataracts in dogs may beg... Read More »

What are the treatments for cataracts in dogs?

Cataracts are a condition that causes the eye lens to become opaque and cloudy. This causes a reduction in vision and can lead to eventual blindness. Cataracts often develop in dogs as they age.Typ... Read More »

Can being in front of a computer screen too much contribute to the development of cataracts?

This has nothing to do with eyes save that you are the jack of Clubs ~is that perchance from metasymbology? I am the Jack of Hearts....I could be wrong...just curious. And no...I called my eye doct... Read More »

Nearsighted or Farsighted with Cataracts?

1. The diagnosis, cataracts, covers a wide variety of symptoms. Some people with early cataracts can have great vision with appropriate glasses. Some with more advanced glasses will not see well wi... Read More »