How much should you tip your server?

Answer I always tip really well. Im the type of person who always wants to portray himself as a respectable nice person. Even if I have a bad waitress I still tip decently. I have friends who just dont ha... Read More »

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Why should you Tip your Server?

I learned in school and from my parents to tip generously. It is an American tradition, based on the fact that we are all equal in this country, and the tip is to compensate the server for going ab... Read More »

How much do you tip your server?

I am a server....and all of us wish that people knew these things.... 1. we can't control how long your food takes....we don't cook it, only serve it...2. we only make $2.13/hour... 3. Most of us d... Read More »

Is there any unix server to which you can connect through putty I want to practice Unix programming but I don't know what software I should use. I tried putty but I can't find any virtual server?

You need to talk to your administrator, vendor, or ISP to see what servers are available to you.

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