How much should you tip a waiter/waitress when at a restaurant?

Answer I use to be a server. When I go to a restaurant I tip AT LEAST 20% if the service is good. If the service is lousy and there is absolutely no excuse for it then I tip $1.00. If the service wasn't g... Read More »

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How much should I tip at a restaurant?

The general ground rule for tipping at a restaurant is 15 percent from the subtotal of your meal. If the service is considered exceptional, then the tip can be increased to your liking, but is gene... Read More »

How much sq ft should a restaurant be?

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How much should you tip at a restaurant?

I have spent the last 15 years in the restaurant industry, and in many different roles. I applaud you for asking this question, rather than simply guessing.Let's begin by exploring how the server ... Read More »

How much should I tip at a restaurant in Mexico?

It is customary to tip 10 to 15 percent at a restaurant in Mexico. The percentage you should tip depends on the class of the restaurant. At higher-end restaurants, you should tip 15 percent and at ... Read More »