How much should you tip a Merry Maid?

Answer It is not required that you tip someone working for Merry Maid. However, many people will give holiday bonuses or gifts in order to show their gratitude and that they appreciate the job the maids ... Read More »

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How much should I tip a merry maid?

Because merry maids often use different maids each time they come to your house, etiquette says there is no need to tip. However, for maids you pay directly, one week's pay at the holiday's is app... Read More »

How to Act Like a Maid Cafe Maid?

Hello! Ever wonder what it's like to work at a maid cafe? Well, you can be one step closer now. But maid Cafe Maids are pure, so if you're looking on how to act like a sexy maid, this is the wrong ... Read More »

What does Merry Crimbo mean?

Merry Crimbo actually means Merry Christmas. Crimbo is a slang term developed in the United Kingdom, and first appeared in print in 1928. John Lennon also sang about a Merry Crimbo on a christmas a... Read More »

Which way does a merry go round turn?

American merry-go-rounds turn counterclockwise. The carousel figures also face counterclockwise. Riders grab a brass ring as they ride, so the carousels were made to turn so that riders could grab ... Read More »