How much should you receive for your knee being thirty percent disabled?

Answer Okay, So I am a Canadian Citizen and I want to go home but I don't have a passport, I have my Canadian Social and my birth certificate and a school ID will they let me through with just those? Comi... Read More »

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Can you receive social security disability at 10 percent disabled?

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What is the monthly income of a air force pilot after being taxed thirty percent?

yes, as long as the E-5 is not the E-3's supervisor or anything directly over/effecting the E-3's chain of command.

If thirty five weeks pregnant two centimetres dilated and sixty percent efface how can you speed up labor?

Don't try it, your baby will be too early. Babies born before 37 weeks may have feeding and breathing problems. Also they have not laid down all the fat they need to keep wartm so may get cold ve... Read More »

How much longer before I go into labor if I am thirty three weeks and on bed rest for a incompetent cervix and already eighty percent effaced but not yet dialated?

Trainings related to their profession like Basic life support in Obstetrics.