How much should you pay babysitters?

Answer On One Hand: Determine the Base RateThe hourly rate for babysitters ranges from $5 to $15, according to, depending on several factors like location, the age and experience of the sitter... Read More »

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How Much Should Babysitters Charge?

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What is the going rate for babysitters?

Babysitting rates vary according to the sitter's age, experience and qualifications, the number of children and their ages, location and other factors. The average hourly pay rate for babysitters r... Read More »

How much do babysitters usually get paid?

Baby sitters usually are paid between $5 and $15 an hour. The hourly rate varies, depending on location, hours, number of children and other tasks the baby sitter may be asked to do.Source:Costhelp... Read More »

Daily Activities for Babysitters?

As parents, we leave our children in the hands of babysitters when other obligations prevent us from caring for them ourselves. During these periods, the babysitter must provide all the care and nu... Read More »