How much should you pay a pet sitter?

Answer On One Hand: The Average RateThe average rate for a pet sitter is 10 to 20 dollars an hour or 50 to 100 dollars a night. This range is based on how many pets you have, the type of special requireme... Read More »

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How to Be a Pet Sitter?

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How to Pay a Pet Sitter?

Most pets are happier in their own environment than in a kennel when their owners need to be away for any amount of time. Hiring a pet sitter is an option you might consider instead of boarding you... Read More »

When does a kid not need a sitter?

How much can a pet sitter make?

According to Entrepreneur magazine, you can make between $32,000 to more than $54,000 a year as a pet sitter, depending on how many visits you schedule and what your basic charges are.Source:Entrep... Read More »