How much should you offer for a foreclosed property?

Answer Many people think that buying foreclosures is easy and that they're available for pennies on the dollar. Not usually, on both counts. Consider variables such as damage, comparative sales, competing... Read More »

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What is foreclosed property?

Foreclosed property is real estate that has gone through foreclosure, a legal process in which real estate becomes the property of the lender who granted the loan to the buyer.FunctionProperty fore... Read More »

Who owns foreclosed property?

Foreclosed property belongs to the lender that initiated the foreclosure process. Lenders can include government departments, banks, private owners, and credit unions. After the foreclosure process... Read More »

Is a tax lien discharged when a property is foreclosed?

The Internal Revenue Service, a county or a state may put liens on a property to cover delinquent tax accounts. When a foreclosed property is sold, liens are paid off in the order that they were re... Read More »

What happens if the property you are leasing is foreclosed?

On One Hand: 2009 Federal LegislationFederal legislation in 2009 changed the laws for those holding leases on property in foreclosure. The lease is now left intact and transferred to the new owner ... Read More »