How much should you consume in calories per day?

Answer Nearly every type of food that you consume contains calories, and these calories are what your body utilizes as fuel to accomplish everything from maintaining a heartbeat while you sleep to running... Read More »

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How many calories a day do you consume?

around 500, depending on my activities for the day maybe one hundred more or less

How many calories should a child consume a day?

It varies based on gender, height, age, and activity, but the average teen that age should consume between 1,400 and 1,600 caloires a day. A younger child should consume up to 1,300 caloires a day.

How much more calories do you consume while standing?

standing up or sitting down wont change the amount of calories in the food you consume neither will it alter how they are burned if you are stationary.

How many calories should an eight year old boy consume?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that an 8-year-old boy consume approximately 1,400 calories per day. These calories ought to come from 25 to 35 percent fat, two cups of fat-free milk ... Read More »